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Whether it’s training, production, strategy or fieldwork you need, we know we can help you tell your stories better.


Arete Stories is the expert storytelling agency for non-profits and NGOs. We also cater for organisations, businesses and individuals seeking to tell exceptional stories.


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Lucia Antono who has so far received one loan from Opportunity International Bank, poses for a photograph at her home in Gurue, Mozambique Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014. (Kate Holt Photo/)

Case Study: Opportunity International

Arete Stories produced four incredible case studies for Opportunity International’s Saving Circles project in Mozambique to promote their fundraising appeal.


Kate photographed and interviewed four women so that OI could tell their inspiring stories within promotional materials and the press.


One of our case studies was displayed on bus shelters across London. The campaign raised £6 million.


“Thanks again for your wonderful images and story gathering which made the appeal come to life – everyone loved Lucia!” Jenny Dunn, Supporter Relations Executive, Opportunity International.

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