Documentary Video Workshops

Documentary Video Workshops

Our professional video staff will work with you to design a workshop that fits your goals. Each workshop is taught by two instructors to allow for as much one-one teaching as possible. We adapt our approach depending on your level of experience and the equipment you have available, be it cell-phones or high-end professional cameras. In addition, you will have full access to our professional equipment for the duration of the workshop, including cameras, audio gear, and peripherals (glidecam, jib, etc.)

Video strategy and visual storytelling

1 day Beginner or Intermediate Workshop

Communications specialists will learn what they need to create an effective video strategy for their institution, and how to work with professional video producers and teams. We will go over common pitfalls, learn the relevant theory and lingo, and cover practical topics including how to write a creative brief, how to coordinate bigger productions, and how to use web platforms and social media effectively.

How to Make Videos, Start to Finish

2 day Beginner or Intermediate Workshop

With two days, participants can learn the basics steps to make a high-quality video by themselves, using whatever equipment they have available. The first day we go over theory and shooting, and students are expected to shoot a short sequence as their homework. The second day we learn how to edit and finalize the videos that participants shot themselves, using professional software.

What you need

Camera (can be a cell-phone)

Computer with editing software

In-depth Video Production

5 day Beginner or Intermediate Workshop

The five-day option allows participants to learn the entire production process for making a video, including in-depth coverage of technical topics.

Day 1: Storytelling, approach, pre-production
Day 2: Hands-on cinematography and shooting
Day 3: Recording audio, interview technique
Day 4-5: Editing and post-production

What you need

Camera (can be a cell-phone)

Computer with editing software

Intermediate or Advanced Workshops by Request

Do you have a specific challenge in your video skillset or workflow? We can create customized workshops to address any number of advanced techniques.

Some possible topics could be:

  1. Advanced cinematography
  2. Advanced editing and color correction
  3. Advanced cinematography
  4. Creating a video database (media and metadata management in Adobe Prelude)
  5. 2-D animation and motion graphics

Documentary Video Workshops


3 Day Smartphone Video Workshop – 600USD per person

Learn to make compelling videos using only your smartphone, in partnership with the East African Film Academy.

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Dates: 18th-20th January 2017
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

"I was really inspired by this course. The sessions were easy to understand and the trainer really knew what she was talking about. I would absolutely recommend this workshop."

Mary-Sanyu Osire, IOM SOMALIA

""This workshop was fantastic. The practical sessions were really useful and the use of multimedia to teach was excellent.""

Yussuf Osman, ADESO

""I loved the practical aspect of this training session. It was great to put the ideas we were taught into practice over the two days.""

Cyprine Cheptepkeny, IOM SOMALIA

""This workshop was excellent. It covered a wide variety of very useful areas and the trainer was well versed in the needs of NGOs.""