Media training

Media Training

Arete provides specialist media training for individuals and corporations to enable you to tell your own story better.

Media training helps people who have to talk on behalf of their company or brand emphasize key messages they need to get across. You will learn how to manage interviews in order to generate publicity results that have the greatest impact.

Media training sessions focus on messaging and how to get the most out of an interview. You will be filmed doing an interview and this will be played back and discussed.

We can come to your offices anywhere in the UK or East Africa and give you hands on training on how to conduct TV, radio and print interviews, write press releases, give presentations and develop media strategies.

All radio and TV training is done using filming and audio recording that is then replayed. Analysis in undertaken of interviews that have already been done to help you understand what you could do better.

In a one day training we offer three modules:

TV, radio and print interviews
How to give a presentation
How to handle print the media, and make statements on behalf of your organisation

You can choose one or two of these modules if time is limited.



One course with all 3 sessions

One full day, $1000

One session per topic

2 hours, $500