NGO and Humanitarian Content Gathering in Challenging Contexts

NGO and Humanitarian Content Gathering in Challenging Contexts

One day course

NGOs and journalists often have to operate in challenging or hostile contexts. Producing quality material whilst maintaining levels of professionalism and sensitivity can be hard. This course will help you navigate through the complexities and give you the confidence you need to bring back a story safely and sensitively.

What you will cover:

Producing stories in conflict zones and challenging environments

Organising productions in challenging contexts

Balancing the needs of field staff and production projects

How to brief a commissioned photographer/ videographer on behalf of an NGO to ensure maximum benefit of commission

What men need to know

How to research your location and minimise risk

What women need to know

Note – this is not a hostile environment course. Please bring a Laptop to take notes and at least two story ideas.

Nadene Ghouri

Nadene Ghouri is an award-winning investigative journalist and a key member of the Arete team, with two decades of global experience producing news, current affairs, documentary investigations and features. She has been a staff reporter/producer for the BBC and Al Jazeera English. She is a two-time finalist for Broadcast Journalist of the Year, Popular Features and Best Television Documentary at the One World Media Awards and a former winner of the Amnesty Media Awards (Best Radio Investigation). Ghouri is also a winner of the Human Trafficking Foundation Media Awards (Best National Newspaper Investigation) and the Ethnic Minority Media Awards (Best Broadcast Journalist and Best Documentary). Ghouri is a highly experienced international media trainer and consultant, with a particular focus on storytelling training and strategic communications.


"I was really inspired by this course. The sessions were easy to understand and the trainer really knew what she was talking about. I would absolutely recommend this workshop."

Mary-Sanyu Osire, IOM SOMALIA

""This workshop was fantastic. The practical sessions were really useful and the use of multimedia to teach was excellent.""

Yussuf Osman, ADESO

""I loved the practical aspect of this training session. It was great to put the ideas we were taught into practice over the two days.""

Cyprine Cheptepkeny, IOM SOMALIA

""This workshop was excellent. It covered a wide variety of very useful areas and the trainer was well versed in the needs of NGOs.""