Our Impact – JHPIEGO India

In 2016, Arete was commissioned to capture JHPIEGO’s Maternal and Child Health Integrated Programme (MCHIP) in India.

The MCHIP programme was funded by USAID, and had a huge impact on beneficiaries in India. The programme revitalised family planning, reformed education for nurses and midwives, strengthened routine vaccination services, and improved care for newborns in government health facilities.

Thanks to JHPIEGO and USAID, there were dramatic improvements in access to postpartum contraceptives, and national midwifery standards were developed, as well as immunisation best practices. This allowed India to reduce neonatal deaths and improve maternal health across the country.

Arete’s photo and audio work was essential not only to capturing the scale and impact of this programme, but to create a ’round up’ for donors, ensuring support of MCHIP’s interventions around the globe.