Tostan – Senegal

Arete went to Sengal to produce a film to illustrate the work of Tostan International, a community development charity working across Africa.

We sent our highly experienced videographer Eva Gilliam and field producer Jessica Monson to the rural village of Soudiane in Senegal to make a film for Tostan, a development charity bringing about sustainable development and positive social transformation in communities across Africa.


Eva and Jessica spent three days filming in Soudiane, a community that has taken charge of its own future and continues to reap rewards after taking part in Tostan’s unique three year non-formal education program.


Through wonderful collaboration with the entire community Eva captured powerful footage that brings to life the empowering potential of the Tostan model. Three inspiring women – Khady Ndiaye, Mariam Bamba and Mariam Tounkara – shared their stories and passion for the program. The whole community came together to share their collaborative success that continues to improve the prospects of their village.


Tostan is using our impactful video to tell the important story of their work, show supporters the results of their efforts, and garner more support to allow them to reach more communities.