Smartphone Video Workshop

Smartphone Video Workshop

We are excited to announce our first Smartphone Video Workshop, in partnership with the East African Film Academy.

This practical three-day workshop teaches the art of visual storytelling and provides the tools and techniques to create compelling videos using only your smart phone. This hands-on course covers storytelling theory, script and shot-list writing, interview techniques, camera set-up, composition, shooting, and video editing on your phone. By the end of the course you will be fully equipped to shoot professional and impactful videos of your own.

  1. Telling stories with images
  2. Elements of a story
  3. Practical camera set-up
  4. Video Language
  5. Camera Movements
  6. Practical video shoot
  7. Composition
  8. Writing a short script and shot-list
  9. Practical Interview set up
  10. Audio recording and manipulation
  11. Practical video shoot for edit
  12. Basic Video editing
  13. Export formats and uploads



3 Day Smartphone Video Workshop – 600USD per person

Dates: 18th-20th January
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

"I was really inspired by this course. The sessions were easy to understand and the trainer really knew what she was talking about. I would absolutely recommend this workshop."

Mary-Sanyu Osire, IOM SOMALIA

""This workshop was fantastic. The practical sessions were really useful and the use of multimedia to teach was excellent.""

Yussuf Osman, ADESO

""I loved the practical aspect of this training session. It was great to put the ideas we were taught into practice over the two days.""

Cyprine Cheptepkeny, IOM SOMALIA

""This workshop was excellent. It covered a wide variety of very useful areas and the trainer was well versed in the needs of NGOs.""