Story Telling

Storytelling through Photographs – 1 or 2 days

One and two-day workshops are held regularly throughout East Africa and Europe. If your organization would like to arrange a workshop in a specific venue we can arrange to send trainers to you.

The most popular of our workshops, Story Telling Through Photographs, is a hands on photography experience. We encourage interpretation and creativity no matter what type of camera you use.

Participants will need to bring with them;

Five of their photographs for discussion on a memory stick or laptop.

One Digital Camera (quality and size not important) or Smart phone with camera.

One laptop if possible.

Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop (CS5) will be used for the training – if participants have this on their laptops it would be good to bring along.

  1. Understand the basics of how to tell a story through pictures. The trainer will do this through showing examples of their own work in different situations
  2. Introduction to Adobe Bridge (an archiving and captioning program) and Adobe Photoshop (for retouching images). Please note that the Photoshop session will be limited due to time constraints but the trainer will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have
  3. How to caption and send an image ready for editorial use; size, resolution and format
  4. Learn to pitch a photo story to the media
  5. Discuss the relationship between media and photography; the role of wire services like AP, Reuters, AFP, and EPA and how to file photographs as press handouts to the wires
  6. Talk through five images of each photographer and discuss how they could be improved
  7. Participants will be asked to shoot a short photo story based on lessons learnt. This will take between one and two hours. They will then download all images with captions and edit their photos into a short story with the help of the trainer
  8. Composition and Use of Light; through showing examples of photographers work and diagrams the trainer will outline
  9. Multimedia – learn how different techniques can be used to tell more powerful photo stories using audio recordings, music and graphics

story telling



Join award-winning photographer, Kate Holt on a one-day workshop that will teach you how to tell humanitarian stories through photographs for media, NGOs, charities and corporate social responsibility programmes. This is a hands-on photography experience and we encourage interpretation and creativity no matter what type of camera you use.

17th May 2018, Frontline Club, London

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"Thank you so much for sending Eva and Karel on our trip to Kenya! They were both professional and always on the ball. Your work is definitely going to make us look like we’ve moved up in the NGO world."

Catherine Mack, Cross International

"I would like to congratulate Jessica and Eva for their great work and their professional and pragmatic approach on this project."

Dame Guèye, Tostan International

"Kate Holt contributes regularly to the Guardian all too often covering violence, conflict, tragedy and their aftermath. She produces quality material sensitively and is one very few photographers we trust to operate in challenging environments like Somalia, the DRC or South Sudan."

Lucy Lamble, Editor

"Despite working in often very difficult environment, Eva always conducts her work with sensitivity to the subjects she interviews and the facilitators she works with. It is a pleasure working with Eva."

Suzanne Beukes, UNICEF