Arete Podcast: The status of HIV in Lesotho

This podcast series take a look one at one of the countries that is bearing the brunt of the world’s HIV epidemic – the small landlocked nation of Lesotho, where over a quart of the population is HIV-positive. We’ll be talking to some of the country’s residents, getting their unique perspective on HIV, why it’s so prevalent, and what can be done to stop it.

This episode, we meet Mphao and Limpho – two young women living in Lesotho’s capital city, Maseru. They’ll be giving us an insight into why 1 in 5 of Lesotho’s population haven’t yet been tested for HIV, and don’t know their status.

In this second instalment, we’ll be speaking to Mphao and Limpho about PrEP – the pill the could be the answer to Lesotho’s HIV epidemic.

In this third instalment, we speak to Tsoleho, a nurse at a male-only clinic, about why men are key in reducing HIV transmission, and the importance of all-male clinics in Lesotho.

In this episode we speak with Limakatso, a female sex worker and HIV activist who is teaching her peers to test for and manage their HIV status.