Media and Communication Jobs with our Partners

From time to time we will list jobs that are available with our partners. Please click on the tabs below to find more out about each job.

Candidates should have a good knowledge of animal rights issues and Animal Aids current campaigns. You must be an excellent communicator, a confident public speaker and have strong digital and written literacy skills. You must be committed to the objectives of the organisation and be in tune with Animal Aid’s ethical, vegan stance and outlook.

As Communications Manager your focus will be to consider the communication methods and content of Animal Aid’s work – to ensure our message is clear, impactful and appropriate to the target audience. In this role you will work closely with the Campaign, Education, Fundraising and Merchandise teams to support them in their work. You will manage the society’s digital communications and seek out the latest social media campaigning/promotional opportunities.

You will also initiate, seek out and undertake regular talks, public presentations and media interviews to raise Animal Aid’s public profile and promote our campaigns.

To apply: Please send a CV and cover letter explaining how your skills meet the requirements of this role. These should be emailed to

The Role

ActionAid International is looking for a creative and tenacious storyteller with exceptional multi-media production skills. Responsible for developing, driving and delivering an annual Content Plan to complement the Communications Strategy, the Content Producer plays a key role in the International Communications Team, working closely with the Digital Producer and the Media Team.

ActionAid International is about to embark on an exciting an ambitious new three-year global public engagement strategy. ActionAid’s delivers real and lasting change for women, amplifying the voices of women in the global south, who are overworked and under-represented.  Women are always hit hardest by conflict and disasters and know best what their needs are. ActionAid’s unique approach to humanitarian response puts women front and centre of planning and delivering emergency response and mitigation.

Who ActionAid are looking for

ActionAid are looking for someone who uses visual storytelling to put women’s voices and stories at the heart of ActionAid’s narrative: that people power is the route to a fairer world.

The Content Producer oversees the management and development of the StoriesHub, commissioning, capturing, editing, quality checking and distributing multi-media content for campaigns, media and fundraising.

The Role

The New Humanitarian is hiring a news-obsessed, globally curious journalist to file daily stories on breaking humanitarian news and trends. Topics could include everything from reports on the latest conflict hotspots to debates over migration policy to ethical issues around the use of AI in delivering aid or access to COVID-19 vaccines. This is a unique opportunity to work with one of the few non-profit media covering international affairs: The New Humanitarian is the only independent non-profit media outfit dedicated to covering humanitarian crises and holding the aid sector to account. Our reporting tackles many of the key issues of our time, from migration to climate change, from the war in Syria to COVID-19, from a multi-billion-dollar aid industry in the midst of soul-searching to emerging forms of solidarity. We are committed to amplifying diverse voices and to upending traditional Western narratives and journalistic tropes. Our work has altered legislation and government policies, exposed financial corruption and sex abuse scandals, and helped mainstream audiences understand how their tax monies are spent on humanitarian initiatives. We are looking for someone to power up our daily coverage, reporting and writing quick-turn-around news pieces for cross-platform use and contributing to our hallmark in-depth coverage. This is primarily a desk-based role, though there may be occasional opportunity for field reporting.

Who ActionAid are looking for

You’re a fast and accurate reporter and writer, as confident turning around a traditional text piece in a few hours as covering a live event via Twitter or doing a Q&A with government officials, recently displaced families, or reporters in the field. You’re an information junkie who lives on trusted news sources from around the world – and who understands the pros and cons of each. You’re eager to find the next story even as you’re hitting ‘send’ on your latest. You love being ‘in-the-know’, building and nurturing sources within your beat and alongside it. It’s great if you’re familiar with the humanitarian sector, the people it serves and how it all works (or doesn’t). It’s fine if you’re not, as long as you’re excited by the prospect of immersing yourself in it. You have several years of newsroom or wire agency experience and thrive when you’re unsure what your next work day will look like. You report and write balanced news stories with ease, always amplifying diverse voices and pushing beyond formulaic narratives. You are equally comfortable working on stories you pitch as on pieces colleagues suggest or on curating and collating content from elsewhere in the news ecosystem. And, while big ideas and exclusive scoops excite you, you have the hands-on reporting and writing skills to deliver on them by filing copy that is accurate, engaging and needs minimal editing.