Social media services

Do you want to ensure your social media streams are curated to inspire more engagement?

In this age of constant digital noise, it is crucial that organisations have  a consistent stream of high quality social media. We offer a social media management service, in which we curate your social media platforms to engage and inspire your followers. From multi-platform post creation, blog writing, email campaigns, SEO and analytics, our packages span a vast range of services that are essential if you want to be visible in today’s world. By making use of our social media services and letting us help you create engaging and powerful content, you will save considerable time and money on implementing your organisation’s communication strategy. Our services will boost engagement and number of followers across all platforms.

Let us help you make the most of the budget you have by using our highly experienced consultants who offer a full range of communications services, including photography, videography, graphic design, writing and media placement.

Costs start from 200 GBP / 300 USD per month.

Whatever you’re working on, Arete has the expertise to help your project achieve its full potential. If you want any further details about our work, or to talk to us about yours, just drop us an email.

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