Writing and media placements

Do you want to make the most of your content by having it published in a range of media outlets?

We can write your feature stories, press releases and slideshows and help place them in a wide range of media outlets. While many of our clients use the content we create for internal communication and social media, we strongly suggest making the most out of the content gathered by using our content packaging and media pitching services. Your content will be pitched to various local and international media outlets. From photography trips, we can create photo slideshows, like this one we created for the World Food Programme Afghanistan, which was published in the Telegraph.

Not only does this generate positive media attention for your organisation, but it can also impact the initiative directly.

Whatever you’re working on, Arete has the expertise to help your project achieve its full potential. If you want any further details about our work, or to talk to us about yours, just drop us an email.

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While on assignment with the World Food Programme in Pakistan, documenting how flooding was impacting the communities near Karachi, Arete created a series of blog posts, written from the local photographer’s perspective. This content was published in both local and international media outlets, creating local awareness and resulting in many people, local to the crisis, offering to donate to the World Food Programme. You can view the local publication in Dawn here, as well as the international publication in The Independent here.