Graphic Design Services

Do you need to present complex information in a concise and interesting way?

Graphics can often convey information in a much more understandable way than plain text. Arete has over a decade of experience in producing digital assets such as infographics, leaflets, logos and multimedia slideshowsfor international charities, NGOs, and private companies.

Our lead designer, James Igsrove, can produce a wide range of graphic design material, and has produced work for Arete clients such as UNICEF South Sudan, FAO, GSMA and many others.

We can also provide translation and voiceover services, as well as subtitling, to ensure that the final product is as well-targeted and accessible to your audience as possible.

How we work

First, we will work with your team to identify key information and to produce character outlines and storyboards. Once this has been completed, our expert copywriters will create a script for your approval, before producing draft designs for your review. We will then revise the product until it meets your specifications.

Need graphic design content in a short time frame? We can also provide rush services, depending on the project complexity and your requirements. Drop us an email to discuss your specific requirements.

Whatever you’re working on, Arete has the expertise to help your project achieve its full potential. If you want any further details about our work, or to talk to us about yours, just drop us an email.

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graphic design services